How it works
India’s first dedicated platform to bridge the gap between Indian MF investors and advisors
Enter your advisors ARN

FundConnect is a perfect meeting point for investors and advisors. As an investor, you simply have to enter your advisors ARN ( AMFI registration number) , or advisor’s website name or advisor’s phone number.

You can track, sell or buy your MF units freely

Once the match is found, the system will white label the whole application as your advisor’s app- and that’s it ! You can track, sell or buy your MF units freely.

Explore many useful tools

Besides this, you can explore many useful tools to take your investment achieve your financial goals.

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See how it works

Watch a demo video to see how fundConnect will help you in managing your financial goals and help you in enhancing the communication between you & your financial advisor

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)
No worry - even if you don't have any adviser, you can login to the app and connect with your advisor later any time in future. But please remember that you cannot transact or you your portfolio without connecting with your advisor. We help you connect with your advisor through any detail you provide us under the mapping form, or else you can ask your advisor to help you in the case.
In such case we suggest you to call to your advisor and check if she/he is a member of FinnSys software subscription. If not then they have to first then self register in FinnSys software so that your data can be reflected under fund connect.
Investing without an advisor is just like setting in a taxi without an driver. Investment is a very serious subject which needs to be handled wisely, in term of project management and behaviour management. So India has got thousands of talented advisors who are register with AMFI (Association of mutual fund India) you can choose any of these advisor according to you criteria , location experience etc.
After putting the details in your app, system will show the advisor details you can check and verify your details.
FundConnect does not advise or recommend an advisor or any client. It is just a connector app on the basis of advisor choice given by the investors, FundConnect do not provide any services or entertain any call from the investors regarding advisor suggestion or recommendation. Yes we have advisor search tool for the users who have forgot their advisor ARN no website etc.
FundConnect do not help you in this section. However, if you are change from the adviser then reconnect with the new agent details to track your portfolio and use your app.
Simply ask your advisor to register with FinnSys CRM, to get the active membership of 'FundConnect App', or refer us your advisor, we will get the same done.
Terms of Services
Since it is an advisor to customer connection platform, we do not have any involvement, conversation or support desk for customers.
Please contact your advisor directly for any query or clarification.